Sankofa Plantain Chips - Sweet Cinnamon (Pack of 5)

Sankofa Snacks Flavored Plantain Chips - Sweet Cinnamon


Just as the name suggests, it’s sweeeeeet and Cinnamon-y. Inspired by North Africa’ love of cinnamon in their cuisine. This decadent flavor pairs cinnamon with pure cane sugar and dusts it on some ripe plantain... imagine a snickerdoodle chip! Sounds good doesn't it?! Satisfy your sweet tooth with this naughty flavor.


✓ Vegan
✓ 100% natural
✓ Gluten free
✓ No trans-fats


Pack of 5 x 2oz

This item is inclusive of five packs of Sankofa Snacks Sweet Cinnamon Plantain Chips (5 x 2oz)


Sankofa Snacks works to create evolved, yet authentic and nutritious alternative snacks using the best quality ingredients from around the continent of Africa. Plantain is a staple cuisine for many African, Caribbean, and Latin American countries. These plantain chips are a modern, delicious twist on a beloved classic chip and traditional African snack. Sankofa Snacks showcase the flavors and textures of both green (unripe) and yellow (ripe) plantain chips. Fried for a crispy crunch, flavored for a unique tasting experience.

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