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Sankofa Plantain Chips - Lightly Salted (Pack of 6)


Snack on flavorful, crispy plantain like a true Ghanaian. A staple West African snack - but make it modern! 

This is the classic and traditional flavor for every kind of chip! No difference here. Lightly Salted is made by infusing raw Atlantic sea salt with the savory and buttery green (unripe) plantain. This flavor brings the simplest and purest flavor out of the plantain. It is the most versatile and is no surprise that it remains so popular. We didn't mess with the classics!


✓ Vegan
✓ 100% natural
✓ Gluten free
✓ No trans-fats


Pack of 6 x 2oz

This item is inclusive of six packs of Sankofa Snacks Lightly Salted Plantain Chips (6 x 2oz)


Sankofa Snacks works to create evolved, yet authentic and nutritious alternative snacks using the best quality ingredients from around the continent of Africa. Plantain is a staple cuisine for many African, Caribbean, and Latin American countries. These plantain chips are a modern, delicious twist on a beloved classic chip and traditional African snack. Sankofa Snacks showcase the flavors and textures of both green (unripe) and yellow (ripe) plantain chips. Fried for a crispy crunch, flavored for a unique tasting experience.


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Sankofa Plantain Chips - Lightly Salted (Pack of 6)