Our Brands


Sankofa Snacks

Sankofa Snacks is the home of munchilicious African inspired snacks.

Sankofa creates evolved, yet authentic and nutritious alternative snacks using the best quality ingredients from around the continent.

Their mission is to create evolved African inspired snacking experiences that inspire and drive Cultural Revivolution™ (cultural revival and evolution).

Snacks of Africa

SOA | Snacks of Africa is on a mission to share a taste of Africa with the world. To do so, it combines fruits and superfood ingredients from across the continent to create snacks that are proudly made in Ghana. You are invited to come along on a journey across the motherland…one delicious snack at a time.


R&R Luxury

R&R Luxury is an entirely natural, plant-based skincare brand from Africa, founded on the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts – Shea Butter – into elegant beauty products that moisturise and renew the skin.

Founded by beauty entrepreneur, Valerie Obaze, in 2010, R&R Luxury is guided by the core values of ethical sourcing, nature preservation and job creation. Not only does the brand source their ingredients in the north of Ghana, they also manufacture in the West African nation empowering hundreds of African throughout their entire supply chain.

You can relax knowing that these effective products have your skin covered and are ethically made! 

Flickerwick Limited

Flickerwick Limited was started in 2013, by entrepreneur Frances Gardiner, who discovered an opportunity to offer the Ghanaian market high quality, locally-produced candles made with sustainable materials.

The brand is well-known in Ghana for providing an excellent range of 100% soy wax candles with unique fragrances. Every Flickerwick product is handmade with love, from start to finish.

Studio Badge

Studio Badge is all about designing and making delightful objects that bring joy into your life. The vision is simple: to discover a new aesthetic that lies somewhere in between minimalist and bold, clean and unrefined, perfectly orchestrated and slightly unhinged. To S\\B, this represents today’s African: globally exposed but fiercely loyal.

S\\B products are hand-crafted in Accra, Ghana using the finest Ghanaian timber and other locally sourced materials and made by skilled Ghanaian craftsmen and craftswomen.


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