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Q: How long does shipping usually take? 
Your order may take 1-2 days to process, and will take 2-5 days to be delivered to you (depending on the shipping method selected at checkout)

Q: I don't see a field to enter my discount code at checkout - HELP!?
First, thank you for reaching checkout! If you are checking out and you cannot find the field to enter a discount code, please first take a look at your cart - do you already have a discount applied due to our bundle discount? If so, you cannot, unfortunately, enter a discount code as a discount has already been applied to your order. Otherwise, you should be able to enter your discount code at checkout at the Information step. 

Q: What is your return policy? 
We accept returns most items (excluding masks and skincare), if the item is unused and in its original packaging. We offer free returns for eligible items. Simply click here to initiate your return HERE. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy here.


Q: How do I tie my waist beads?
A: If you received more than one string of beads, first separate the strings by pulling the loose end of the loop. Once free, take your string of choice and push the beads from the tied end of the string toward the loose end of the string.
Once two ends of plain string space have been created, measure where the two ends should meet. This will depend on your body and desired fit/placement. Beads may overlap- that’s okay! Just push any extra beads toward the tied end of your string so they can be saved. Tie three tight knots to form a loop around your body.
Cut the loose string and remaining beads away. Be sure to cut as close to the knot as possible. You’ve done it! We suggest repurposing any leftover string/beads to create other accessories.
Q: How long will my waist beads stay on?
A: For as long as you choose to wear them/they fit! Some ladies manage to wear their beads for years! We have heard of bead wearers wearing one string of beads for over 10 years!
Q: Can I take off my waist beads?
A: If you purchased our tie-on Waist Beads, removal will require you to cut them if you are not able to pull them over your shoulders and head.

Q: What my byKaiem African Print Fan made of? 
A: Leather, cotton and a plastic accordion core.


Q: My Shea Oil or Coconut Oil is solid, how can I liquify it?
A: Warm some water via stove or microwave and transfer to a heat safe bowl or container. It should be pretty warm, but not boiling hot. Submerge your bottle in the warm water for about 20 minutes and “voila!” liquid gold.
Q: The pump of my Shea Oil or Liquid Black Soap has come off, what do I do to fix it?
A: If you received your Shea Oil or Liquid Black Soap and the top was detached from the top of the pump, the manufacturer has informed us that may occur with the packaging and has shared this video to instruct on how to reattach the top.
Q: What are the ingredients of my R&R Luxury Skincare product?
A: Each product has its ingredients listed on the product page. You may browse the collection here.
Q: Are R&R Luxury products safe for children/babies?
A: Yes, the all-natural products are safe for ALL! We do recommend, however, using the unscented oils to avoid any irritation (Ori-Nku Shea Oil, Coconut Oil, Baobab Oil).
Q: What R&R Luxury oils can I use for stretch marks?
A: Baobab Oil and/or Shea Oil. However, we at Kaiem fully embrace the beauty and normalcy of stretch marks. While they cannot be fully erased, these oils can help prevent them and heal scarred skin, reducing their appearance.