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The kanko (full circle) collection

Care Guide & FAQs

Our jewelry is crafted using ethically sourced materials and designed for wear from day to night. We chose to launch our inaugural collection using Gold Vermeil due to its quality, durability, and affordability. If properly cared for, your gold vermeil jewelry should shine for many years to come. Unless you have ordered a made-to-order solid 14k gold piece, your piece(s) are made from 18k gold vermeil which are stamped with “925” due to their sterling silver core.


Let’s start with what 18k Gold Vermeil is…

Our gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may), not to be confused with gold plated jewelry, is made of non-irritant, hypoallergenic materials – sterling silver and 18k gold. In fact, gold vermeil, is a French phrase meaning “gilded silver.” Only jewelry that consists of a sterling silver core, and plated with a thick layer of gold (a minimum of 2.5 microns thick) can be classified as gold vermeil by the FTC. 

Now, how can you keep that gold vermeil looking its best? It’s simple really…

  • Try to avoid water and sweat – whether it’s from the shower, exercising or something else – your jewelry will appreciate staying nice and dry
  • If you do get your jewelry wet, that’s okay, just try to dry it as best you can especially before storing it
  • Avoid applying sunscreen or perfume directly on your piece as the harsher chemicals, like alcohol can erode the gold exterior over time
  • A soft polishing cloth can be used to clean the pieces and if they get wet, use a soft paper towel to dry

The better care you give your jewelry, the longer your jewelry will last.

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Do you have more questions?? You can find general Kaiem FAQs here and if your question is still unanswered please contact us or via email at