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Kaiem Champagne Gold Beaded Waist Chain


Adorn your waist in a NEW way, with beautiful African waist beads that can be taken off and adjusted! 

These shimmering gold beads create the most beautiful waist chain for every woman. These beads have a clasp to easily remove your chain anytime you'd like (we recommend you do so when showering or swimming to avoid your chain tarnishing).

Celebrate the beauty of your body. Let these beads adorn your curves, add a little something to your bathing suit or your cropped fit, or keep them for your eyes only. 


Our beaded waist chains are strung onto a super strong plastic string (nylon) and finished with gold-plated stainless steel 3-inch chain and clasp for adjustability. They are sized in inches and are in ranges due to the 3 places on the chain the clasp can go. We are size inclusive and have beads up to size 46-49 inches!

Care: Keep dry and wipe clean


Our byKaiem waist beads are hand strung together by skilled artisans in Ghana. While we strive for consistency, you may notice slight variations in shade, shape, and size. That just means, however, that your beads are uniquely yours!


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Kaiem Champagne Gold Beaded Waist Chain