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To Bead or Not to Bead?

To bead is ALWAYS the correct answer!

Although our waist beads are beautifully handmade in Ghana, trust us when we say that we sing the “Waist beads from Yoruba – Woo” line the LOUDEST when listening to Beyoncé’s new song, Black Parade. If you haven’t heard it yet then sis…check it out ASAP, Beyoncé sings meaningful & relatable lyrics throughout the track!

Anyway, back to the reason we are all here…byKaiem Waist beads.

African waist beads were traditionally worn around a woman's waist to help her watch her weight and to draw attention to her femininity. Fast forward to 2020 and many women both home in Africa & in the diaspora are still wearing waist beads for a variety of reasons including: to watch/ control their weight and…to highlight their SNATCHED waist.

Our waist beads are hand strung together by skilled artisans in Ghana, which means that, just like our body types, every single string of beads is unique! Women of ALL shapes and sizes can wear byKaiem waist beads – they are for EVERYONE! Each strand is between 40-45 inches long and can be easily self-tied around your waist. And…you have the ability to mix & match the single-strand waist beads to suit your preference and create your own exclusive look!


Original Pastel Collection

  • Minty Green  
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Pearly White
  • Iridescent Purple

Mermaid Collection

  • Shimmering Sea Blue
  • Mermaid Tail Teal
  • Kiss the Girl Red

Classics Collection

  • Pearly Black (Shiny Black)
  • Ivory White (Opaque White)
  • Onyx Black (Smooth Black)

Whether you decide to wear waist beads to connect to your African heritage or adorn your curves, the byKaiem authentic glass waist beads will surely have you feeling yourself! They can add a little something to your bathing suit or your cropped fit, or keep them for your eyes only. AND…remember, waist beads are not just for the summer, or the beach, or the house – you can wear them anywhere. In the words of Queen Bey… “put us any-damn-where, we gon’ make it look cute”.  

P.S: On the site, we have a bundle offer when you purchase byKaiem Waist Beads…Buy 2 strings and get $2 off! So that’s just $10 for 2 strings of beads! The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Next month, we are launching the byKaiem Waist Bead Challenge! Stay tuned for more details – you’re going to love this one!

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  • ALEXANDRA AKAAKAR on September 06, 2020

    as a newbie to waist beads, I would have liked a bit more instruction on how to tie the beads.

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