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Social Distancing 101 - A Masterclass

We are all doing our best to stay home, stay safe & satisfied while we practice social distancing and further prevent the spread of COVID-19. Although it is amazing to be in the comfort of your home at first, once you’ve caught up on much needed sleep (and finished a few Netflix shows on your watch list) it can become extremely boring. We’ve put together some top tips to help you have fun, be productive and keep social while social distancing…

Sankofa plantain chips Snacks of Africa (SOA) ChipsGet Your Snacks Right 

Let’s not allow COVID-19 to completely de-rail our 2020 health goals. If you started this year working out and eating right, keep it up. Some comfort eating now and then while social distancing is to be expected BUT…let’s all be sure to keep it moving. These healthy, yummy Plantain & Coconut Chips from Ghana will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline – they are vegan, gluten free and have the perfect balance of nutrients. Balance your snacking with an at-home workout (or several walks up and down the stairs) to keep active!


Don’t Forget Fluids Too

DRINK YOUR WATER & MIND YOUR BUSINESS! Yes, my motto is still very much relevant during the COVID-19 era. Water is the key to life – keep your throat moist and remember to drink water every 30 minutes. Now that we’re past the water part, we recommend that you stock up on some of your other favorite fluids too – whether that is a bottle of wine, some soda or fruit juice, a few pick-me-ups will be appreciated and allowed during this social distancing time (but don’t over-indulge… see point from above)

R&R Luxury skincare modelPrep to Leave Self Isolation Looking BRAND NEW

Take care of your skin and come out of this self-isolation period GLOWING honey! R&R Luxury has you covered for this with their range of natural, vegan skincare products.  

You can create your very own at-home spa experience to relax and unwind. Light a Flickerwick candle, find a peaceful playlist, run a bubble bath and enjoy kicking back. When you’re out of the tub, moisturize every inch of your body with R&R Luxury Shea Oil and SLEEP goooooood. You will wake up feeling BRAND NEW!

P.S. Flickerwick's candles are on sale until Monday April 6th! Don't miss BOGO and 30% off!

Entertain Yourself

We all know Netflix is saving us from total boredom right now – binge watching seven seasons of your favorite series seems like the thing to do, but we can also take this free time to read and learn something new. Find a free course online to learn a new skill or get a new hobby – yoga is great for keeping active and balancing the mind. Keep yourself challenged while at home and social-distancing, you can cook a meal that you’ve always wanted to try – these sweet & savoury recipes using the Sankofa Plantain Chips are delectable! 

Do You & Customize Your Routine

Try to create a new routine that is completely based on your own schedule. Set your alarm every night, wake up (before noon lol), set some time for meditation or devotionals and then work out or take a walk around your apartment/ home with your window open for some fresh air! After spending a few hours working from home, set aside some time to learn your new skill and then you can enjoy watching your favorite show or reading before bed. 

Keep in Touch

Last but not least, be sure to holla at your family & friends during this time. Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stop virtual social interactions.

Host a party on zoom, call your loved ones on facetime or Whatsapp, set-up routine check-ins... Just stay connected!

Check in on your loved ones often and catch up with your friends regularly - this is especially important for those of you that live alone. You can have a conference call with your squad or surprise your bestie with some social distancing snacks from Kaiem 😉.


Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re doing to keep busy during this time of social-distancing…

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