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Kaiem's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Kaiem 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to gifts to buy your loved ones this holiday season? As we are not able to see some of our family and friends this year (due to the rona), gifts have to be super meaningful and even more thoughtful than usual.

Here are some ideas (to suit ALL budgets) as to how you can show the people most special to you just how much you love them this holiday season. 

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These are gifts that would be perfect for mom, bestie, sister, aunt or grandma…

Studio Badge ‘Afriyie’ Platter - $90 

Women don’t belong in the kitchen, but if your special lady loves to cook, or host guests (including yourself), then this Studio Badge serving platter is for her! It will take any tablescape and beautifully baked creation to the next level and was handmade in Ghana using locally sourced concrete and wood. Plus…this platter was recently featured in Oprah’s Favorite Thing List

Shop this Platter Now!

 R&R Luxury ‘Cleanse & Nourish’ Bundle - $24.99

Everyone loves a good pamper day and now you can treat your bestie to an at-home spa day with these products from R&R Luxury. She (and her skin) will thank you for it, trust us. This bundle combo already includes a saving of more than 10% and provides the two core products for any skincare routine and spa day – a natural cleanser and moisturizer. Shop this Bundle Now!

Flickerwick ‘Mykonos’ Candle - $14.99

A relaxing day of pampering wouldn’t be complete without a scented candle. Help your favorite lady create the perfectly relaxing aroma in her home with the Mykonos candles from Flickerwick. It smells sweet and airy, light and pleasant. Shop this Candle Now!

byKaiem ‘Kabuki’ Folding Fan - $14.99

Summer may be a little way away but these byKaiem folding fans keep you cool (and keep you cute) all year round. Your girl NEEDS one of these to complete her fit or adorn her rooms as beautiful decor. The Kabuki fan is new to the byKaiem collection and will be admired by everyone who sees it! Grab one or two fans now! 

Myth House ‘Ahema’ Handbag - $130

Who doesn’t love a new stylish accessory? This handbag from Myth house will ensure that your bestie, aunt or sister walks around with style and grace. This trendy (and curvy) bag was handmade in Ghana and is available in 5 beautiful colors (Burgundy, Teal, Rose Gold, Light Gold & Marmalade). Shop Now!


Gift inspo for the special man in your life: your bae, your dad, uncle, grandpa or close friend

R&R Man Skincare - $31.98

Ladies, let’s face it, you’re tired of your man stealing your skincare products all the time, right? It's 2020 sis, time to GET THAT MAN HIS OWN PRODUCTS. And why not make it a holiday gift?

The R&R Man Skincare Collection features pure, natural African Black Soap with a hint of Lemongrass to ensure the special man in your life is always smelling fresh. Plus…the Marrakech Nights Shea Oil is infused with Oud and has the most delectable scent – this moisture can be used by any man from head to toe (yes, including his beard and hair). Browse the Shea Oil and the Black Soap here!

Sankofa ‘Spicy Sweet Chili’ Plantain Chips - $9.99

Everyone loves being gifted edible items and Sankofa’s Plantain Chips use the best, quality ingredients from the African continent to produce these tasty treats. Once your dad, uncle, bae or son has tasted these, there is no going back to regular chips for him – we’re serious, try out this gift and you will see. Browse our Snacks now.

Flickerwick ‘Arabica’ Fresh Coffee Candle - $12.99

Does your bro or male bestie have a new bachelor pad? He could probably do with some new homely scents. This candle is reminiscent of  your man's favorite coffee show! Take him there with this candle. Pre-Order this Candle Now!


Gifts for your favorite couples - your mom & dad, your newlywed friends, aunt & uncle or anyone, really! 

Studio Badge ‘Mini Aitch’ Concrete Platter - $80

This platter is perfect for couples who have just moved into their new home. Your newlywed couple can practice their cooking skills, mom and dad can go back to having an in-door date night and serve up their favorite homecooked (or store purchased) meals in style. Shop and Serve in Style!

byKaiem ‘Osu’ Tote Bag – $10.99

These reusable bags have a place in your home, your car trunk and by your bedside. They are small and easy to carry but expand into large shopper bags, just what you need when shopping for groceries, heading to the gym or the office.

Flickerwick Candles Holiday Gift Set - $50

Essentials for any home…This bundle includes Flickerwick’s newest candles which smell AMAZING! Friends and family will thank you for this beautiful and aromatic gift. Pick a scent and Pre-Order now!

byKaiem Gift Card – starting from $25

Give the gift of choice this holiday season with the byKaiem Gift Card. Starting from just $25, the recipient will be able to choose from a wide selection of beautiful handcrafted African-made products on our platform.


Make sure to get your orders in by Dec 18th at the latest for delivery by Christmas!! And add Gift Wrapping to simplify the present prep!

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