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Get Your Fan On!

It’s still summer!

Although most of us are still trying to stay home and social distance, we can look cute and keep cool in our back yards with these byKaiem Folding Fans…

Fans date back as far as 4,000 years in Africa and were originally seen as a symbol of royalty. Subjects of Kings & Queens would fan them to help create breeze and ensure that they were comfortable. Fast forward to today and African print fans play a big role in traditional West African engagement ceremonies & weddings where the bride and her bridesmaids are known to fan themselves elegantly as they dance into the wedding location.

To celebrate the rich culture & heritage behind this staple accessory, we have developed a range of handmade folding fans to add to the byKaiem accessories collection! Each of our beautiful folding fans were proudly handmade in Ghana and honor Ghanaian custom & tradition with every individual Ankara or wax print fabric. 

You can spice up any outfit with this staple African-print accessory! These African print fans are not just wonderful to look at, but they are also functional too and are bound to cool you down throughout the entire summer. Each fan has a leather handle and strap which can be used to secure the fan when it is closed and hold it open when in use. 

byKaiem Folding Fans are currently available in 4 styles…

  • Adwoa – the Akofena Adinkra symbol (symbolizing courage) adorns the Adwoa fan.
  • Abena – traditional Kente print is at the heart of the Abena fan.
  • Afia – pretty and pink! Afia features a modern African-print design.
  • Akai – the Akai fan is colourful and rich, just like African culture!

Did you know… these fans also make for unique home decor pieces to be displayed and admired in your home. You can hang your fan in your living room as a statement piece of wall art to a touch of Africa to your home.

P.S: Our fans are just $9.95! Click here to order yours now.

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