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10 Benefits of African Black Soap

Black Soap, or should we say, African Black Soap also known as Alata Samina in Ghana & Ose Dudu in Nigeria has been used for centuries in West Africa as a natural cleanser for the skin. Not to be confused with charcoal soap, this popular plant-based product is made entirely from ingredients found on the African continent including Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and even plantain skin! 

African Black Soap is known to deeply cleanse & gently exfoliate skin, without stripping away moisture. It’s a favorite amongst celebrities, including Zendaya, for a flawless fresh face! 

Zendaya African Black Soap


Here are 10 benefits of the natural, African wonder…

  1. Antibacterial: Black Soap is an effective cleanser which removes bacteria from the skin.
  2. Suitable for all skin types: This soap is suitable for EVERYONE! It works effectively for people with both oily, combination & dry skin without stripping any oils from your skin
  3. Moisturizing: Shea butter & other oil-based ingredients in Black Soap add moisture to the skin & helps to relieve dry skin
  4. Soothes Irritation: Black Soap is known to sooth itchy skin & help with skin allergies & irritations including Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema.
  5. Anti-inflammatory: The natural soap is rich in vitamins A & E which combat free radicals & help you maintain healthy skin.
  6. Evens Skin Tone: Black Soap is known to help reduce hyperpigmentation & create an even skin tone.
  7. Improves Skin Texture: When mixed together, the ingredients in the Black Soap act as a natural exfoliant.
  8. Multi Use: As well as being an excellent facial and body cleanser, Black Soap can also be used as an all-natural, sulphate-free shampoo for your hair.
  9. Black Spots: Black Soap is known to help fade scars and reduce the appearance of black spots on your skin.
  10. Easy to Use: The soap washes off skin easily without leaving behind any residue.

R&R Luxury African Black Soap

On our site, we offer two 2 Black Soaps from plant-based, African beauty brand – R&R Luxury. Their Liquid Black Soap is a favorite amongst shower-gel lovers but those who prefer to use bar soap will love the R&R Black Soap Bar!

Have you tried R&R Luxury’s Black Soap before? If it’s one of your favorite skin cleansers, remember to leave a review on the product pages on our site. Share your views to help others in the Kaiem community make their skincare decisions!

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